Sacred Feminine Leadership


Sacred Feminine Leadership


Early February 2020

Northern Thailand

7 days of Activations, Ceremony, Devotional Ecstatic Dance, and Prayer to Engage Your Lovelight and Re-Claim Your Sacred Feminine Power

By Application Only • Small Group • Personalized Support

Join us in Northern Thailand, for 7 days of empowering and alchemical transformation

The Priestesses are returning. We are returning to the Temples of the Goddess and Reclaiming our place as Keepers of the Sacred Rites.

We are being activated, so that we may serve once again to transmit the Divine Feminine Frequency –– the frequency so very needed on Earth at this time.

Re-Membering the Temples of the Goddess

Today our temples may be humble –– living rooms, yoga shalas, treatment rooms and rented spaces …

But the physical structures of our gatherings is not what is important. What’s important is that we do our inner work.

What’s important is that we clean our Inner Temples of the old conditionings of fear, hate and judgement. We do this that we may become clear channels through which love and light can flow.

This Is For You If …

You feel a strong call to EMBODY your feminine energies in a deeper way.

You’ve been on a spiritual, soul-searching journey, (maybe for more lives than this one).

You know you are meant for a more meaningful, impactful role in the world.

You’re ready to go to the next level … a deeper level.

You are feeling called to step up and serve.

As we journey through this great Changing of the Ages on Earth, and as the world seems to be diving headlong toward its own undoing, the Family of Light awakens.

We each have our roles to play in this Great Awakening. Among them are the Priestesses –– the female conduits for Sacred Feminine Lovelight. We return now, that this elixir of Divinity may flow back into the hearts and minds of humanity.

“When I think about the powerful women who have blessed my life, Dawn is at the top of the list. During a time when we worked together for the same company, Dawn quickly became the unofficial mentor to many of us, as her compassionate nature, paired with her wisdom and broad spectrum of esoteric knowledge, is unparalleled.

I’m extremely grateful to have Dawn in my life and I know it is time for her to share her gifts with women around the world.”

Leanne Kallal, Co-Founder

The 5 Threads

We Will Be Weaving 5 Threads of Connective Wisdom During our Journey

Thread 1:

Reclaiming Sacred Feminine – Learn Goddess Lore & the Archetypes of Feminine Power so you can step confidently into leadership as a woman, supported by the knowing of 30,000 years of HERstory.

Thread 2:

Activating Your Healing Gifts – Cultivate Your Energy & Consciousness Modalities so you can prepare to support others as they awaken into a new paradigm for living on Earth.

Thread 3:

Stepping into Your Priestess Self – Practice the Art & Magic of Facilitating Ceremony so you can lead ceremonies with power and confidence.

Thread 4:

Consulting the Oracle –  Explore Inner Guidance Tools & Trance Work so that you can access your Knowing with ease and flow.

Thread 5:

Cultivating Enlightenment  – Nurture Conscious Awakening through a deeper understanding of the non-dual nature of this reality and the role of Forgiveness, so you can handle difficult challenges with love as your ally.

Your Experience

“Naya Ubud was designed as a sacred space for deep inner transformation, healing and awakening. The property has been lovingly developed for soulful gatherings, immersive retreats, and to hold you in the blissful beauty of Bali.”

After looking at more than 10 different retreat venues, I’ve selected Naya Ubud as our gathering place because it has the very best configuration of location, luxury and reverence for Earth.

The rooms are gorgeous, our daily gathering place is breathtaking, the gourmet, plant-based meals will keep us nourished, hydrated and harmonizing with the environment, and … your first massage is included in the price!

“You will always be the one in my life who taught me tarot and initiated me into the lexicon of the goddess … you had a great way of addressing things so directly and bluntly and yet with compassion … those times set a solid foundation for my spirituality.

Alia Munn, performing artist, playwright and mom of 2 sons

Here’s what you’ll gain

Specifically, you will complete this immersion retreat with a greater ability to …

Stand in your personal power – with more confidence, ease and grace.

Trust your Inner Wise Woman – no matter what other people think, say or do.

Own your voice, your truth and your right to self-care – without guilt or the desire to justify your needs.

Build safe and lasting friendships with other women – no matter what your “herstory” with other women has been.

Identify toxic or outworn beliefs about yourself, the feminine and personal power – then let them go!

Activate healing of the mother-daughter wound – for yourself and for women everywhere.

Activate Magic in your Life – by changing you consciousness at will.

“Dawn has a technique of listening to others interests, then pulling out certain details from what she hears, building upon them with her own knowledge and experience, providing information that creates a ! and ? to go off in their head, helping them to realize these may be passions that need to be explored.”

Celeste Parrins, Business and Marketing Consultant

Our daily schedule

The exact daily itinerary will emerge based on the Sisters present.
However, the overarching structure will be as follows:

~ Breakfast ~

Morning Session

  • Dance! We begin by getting out of our minds and into our bodies.
  • Ground, Center & Connect. A Short group meditation & sharing from the heart.
  • The Day’s Teaching. I will share with you my 35 years of study and practice of each of the 5 Petals of Sacred Feminine Wisdom.
  • Sharing, Q&A

~ Lunch ~

Afternoon Session

  • Dance!
  • Additional Teaching to deepen into our wisdom and connection to inner guidance.
  • Sharing, Q&A

~ Dinner ~


  • Ceremonies, Activations & High Alchemy! Our evening sessions pull together the sharing and the teachings in the ancient way, through ceremonies to EMBODY the Teachings through Praxis (Praxis: “the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, practiced, embodied, or realized.”)

*Please note that there will be plenty of time between sessions for you to integrate, relax, swim, laugh, and connect with the other women!

“Dawn has a very thorough and accurate approach of going through the individual steps of an intervention and gave me great space and support to walk through it in my own time. I felt much relief after our session and experience more ease in my life now when it comes to structuring my work load and balancing myself. Thank you Dawn for your outstanding guidance!”

Helene Weiss – Mindset Coach

“You inspired me to be a strong woman, to be feminine yet fierce. I always admired that you were both physical and very knowledgeable … I always left your class feeling inspired to be a better person.”

Jennana Johnson, former professional muaythai fighter and mom of 4


EARLY BIRD* Prices start at $1397 for quad-occupancy. Double & triple occupancy options also available.
A very limited number of private accommodations also available (see Retreat Room Choices above).

*Early Bird through May 31st, 2019.
A non-refundable deposit of $597 reserves your place.
Price Includes

7 days/6 nights accommodations at Naya Ubud

17 organic, vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free meals

Full, private group access to the entire facility

All training sessions with Dawn DelVecchio

1 Massage

Swimming Pool

Sound Healing session at the Pyramids of Chi

Ceremonies, Ecstatic Dance, Activations, Incantations and Alchemical Magic!

Cancellation Policy

All deposits are non-refundable.

Cancellations before 10 July: 80% refund of payments beyond deposit.

Cancellations between 11 July – 9 August: 50% refund of payments beyond deposit.

Cancellations between 10 August – 31 August: 25% refund of payments beyond deposit.

Cancellations from 1 September onward: No refund.

After completing the retreat, you will have the opportunity to join Dawn’s Priestess Apprenticeship Circle, which is by invitation-only.

Fine Print: All deposits are non-refundable. Full Balance is due by September 15, 2019. Payment Plans are available. 
Cancellation fees apply to payment beyond the deposit. A small handful of single supplement are available.

Listen to other women’s experience of being on retreat with Dawn…


Deepen your connection to the Sacred Feminine within you.

Strengthen bonds of Sisterhood.

Learn Chants & Processes in order to Create Magical, Transformative Experiences for Yourself and for Others.

Learn Effective Techniques for Healing and Awakening your Personal Power.

Deepen your Access to Divine Guidance.

Explore a Variety of Tools for Insight and Understanding.

Cultivate a Strong Connection to Earth.

Gain a Deeper Understanding of your Gifts as a Priestess.

Learn Simple, Effective Techniques to Maintain Energetic, Emotional & Mental Sovereignty.

Create a Container which Allows you to Integrate All of your Knowing in Service to a Higher Calling.


I have been studying Goddess lore, facilitating ceremony, offering intuitive guidance, spiritual counsel, tarot & astrology readings for 35 years. My Initiation as a Priestess was in 1986 with my first Dianic Coven, Mother Spirit. My second initiation – or RE-Dedication – came in January, 2017 when I could no longer ignore my truth and my Sacred Calling as a Mentor and Guide for the next generation of feminine leaders.

I am also an Ordained Priestess of the Goddess with the Global Goddess Church and Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church.

My “Official” Cred

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Women’s Studies and Feminist Literary Criticism, and a Master’s Degree in Shamanic Intuitional Practices. I’m also a professionally certified Neurolinguistic Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, DreamSculpting® Practitioner and Timeline Trauma Release Coach.

If you know me personally, you also know that I have been a business mentor & marketing consultant for 7 years, a professional writer for more than 15 years, and am the #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author of the book, Spirit, Mind & Money.

How I Work with Women

Today I bring all of these transformational tools together in order to assist women in healing, clearing and actualising their Sacred Leadership potential. I do this through retreats, online group mentorship and 1:1 coaching.

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